Swede cutting prototype

After being approached by a major supermarket beginning with M, we were asked to come up with a simple way to top and tail swedes as their existing practice was labour intensive and at times dangerous if the operative wasn’t too careful with their cutting blades!


This is the result, a cleanly cut product replcated time and time again



Bucket filler line

After constant expansion one of our customers near Spalding asked us to come up with a semi-automatic way to increase his production throughput without increasing his workforce. Repairing and modifying then utilising some of his redundant equipment along with some bespoke conveyors by Promech we were able to supply an indexing conveyor system to assist with his seasonal requirements

If you have any requirments similar to out client then please do not hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation price

Anti-vandal plates fitted to bridge

Installation of anti vandal steel plates on a steel access bridge at Pecks Drove Spalding. After constant vandalism of the mesh panles we were asked by the Environment Agency to come up with a simple and cost effective solution to the ongoing issue. Beforehand the vandalism had made the bridge unsafe for small children and dog walkers as they could slip and fall between the road and the edge. These simple steel plates stop the vandals from bending the mesh panels and make the bridge safe again